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Bar Chef Seminar August 28

3 Hour Bar Chef Seminar, Monday Evening, 7pm-10pm, 3141 West Broadway, Vancouver

CAD $75.00

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Take your tools home! 6 piece set includes: Stainless Boston Cocktail Shaker, Hawthorn Strainer, Wood Muddler, Mixing Glass, Pour Spout, and a Shot Glass. Great for mixing and practicing at home. $35 online today. $45 if purchased at the school.

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100% Training Guarantee

Pass, Fail or if life got busy and you could not complete, you can re-take part of, or the entire course again, anytime, for free, for life

Fresh ingredients, and unexpected flavour combinations is the theme of the Bar Chef Seminar.

Fresh Margarita's made from whatever is in season.

Ceasar's made with unexpected combinations; Bourbon, BBQ Sauce, and Franks Red Hot, with a Steak Spice Rim. Or local Gin with Cucumber, Fresh Horseradish, and a fresh cracked salt & pepper rim.

Mojito's with Lychee fruit and fresh Mint.

Creating exciting new cocktails with fresh ingredients and high end mixology techniques is becoming more common and in demand at bars and restaurants.

Dont miss this fantastic hands-on seminar.

Held on Monday nights, aprox once a month.

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What Our Students Have To Say

The most interesting part about this course was discovering how combinations of ingredients came together: thyme and cassis, gin and cucumber etc… It opened my eyes to see the infinite possibilities and also how people from different cultures and backgrounds can come up with different ideas and also appreciate each other’s drinks. – Jamie K